Sunday 19 November 2017

The annual Bay Clay exhibition show cases the works of the Bethlehem pottery club and we again for the  fourth year exhibited some of the works completed by the people supported by the Arohanui Art and Education Trust. This exhibition is very well attended and the work that is on display is judged by some of the best potters in the country.
The pieces on display and for sale from Arohanui receive positive recognition not because the people producing the work have a disability. They receive the recognition because they are talented artists in their own right and are being judged on a level playing field.
Big thanks the Bethlehem pottery Club and to Nicky Porter from Arohanui who has supported all the people to shine.

Monday 3 July 2017

Recently the people at Arohanui have been making cookies in the shape of dogs to fund raise for the guide dog and the blind foundation. As a thank you, we were fortunate to have three guide dogs visit
which was a big hit with everyone. The three puppies were around 8 months old and very well behaved. I am of no doubt  they will be a great asset to the people they support when their training is completed.

Wednesday 28 June 2017

Arohanui Greerton has been working hard over the last few months knitting and sewing their creation for the annual Greerton yarn bombing event.
The results have been fantastic and now the public vote by way of a gold coin with the proceeds going to local charities. What a great event and great effort from everyone involved.