Sunday 2 February 2020

2020 has got of to a great positive start with all three Centers starting their new programs.
A great new initiative has been doing weekly flower posies for the Waipuna Hospice. The Clients create the flower posies each week with the support of staff and a volunteer. The posies are then delivered to the hospice and go on peoples meal trays.
It is hoped over time that this initiative will grow into random acts of kindness and flowers will be given to people and services in the local community. Watch this space!

 A group of 9 clients and 3 staff are heading of to the Gold coast in Australia on the 8th of March for a week. This is an exciting time for the people who are going and for some a trip like this is a dream come true. We will be going to Sea world, Movie World and the Australian zoo and several other excursions. Big thanks to the staff who are willing to give up their spare time to make this happen
We will post an update of the trip when we get back .

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