Thursday 15 April 2021

Greerton Centre Summer Camp - March 2021

On Monday 15th March Duncan, Roger, Carise, Fiona, Sherie and Susin packed an overnight bag and ventured to Rotorua to stay at the All Seasons Camp. 

Before settling into camp we took a leisurely stroll through the Redwoods Forest, amongst the giant trees. 

When we arrived at the camp we were greeted by Dinosaurs both herbivore and carnivore. 

We chose our beds, then went for a well deserved swim and spa. After indulging in steak and chicken burgers we retired to bed. 

After breakfast the next day we made our way to Kuirau Park to soak our feet in the natural hot spring, then off to Oppies Fish and Chips to enjoy lunch and make our way back to Tauranga. 

Am awesome Camping trip away!

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